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Our Own Shops and Aerial Lift Services

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Our Aerial Lift Maintenance Shops

We maintain our own service departments for all of the equipment we rent and sell. Our engine shop is staffed with trained mechanics, and we run our own hydraulic department, paint shop, weld shop, and fabrication shop. We also maintain our own truck and trailer shop and glass department. Why does this matter? Our service shops are charged with maintaining the industry’s newest and most modern equipment to keep it like new so that our rental fleet exceeds your expectations.

Service Technician Training

ALL Aerials operates a mandatory, rigorous technician-training program that empowers our staff by grounding them in the most current equipment servicing techniques and the latest standards. Strengthening our technician training is one of the most important service standards we can offer you.

We offer one of the largest fleets of aerial equipment in the country, and our professional service department inspects each piece of equipment before it goes out on a job to make sure it is in top condition and meets OSHA standards.

Need Service Now?

We're available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to assist customers, from job site analysis to transporting aerial lifts and maintaining equipment on the job so contractors don't have to. Good service means meeting customer schedules and correcting any problems as quickly as possible to help avoid downtime.

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