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We Take Time to Work Safely

Building a Culture of
Safety and Health

We consider safety to be one of the most valuable services we offer our customers. Our complete Safety Management System includes lift planning, equipment selection and inspection. At ALL, we don’t simply see safety as a task to be accomplished, but as a culture — a way of conducting business — to be embraced.

Building a Culture of Safety and Health

We strive to achieve an injury-free workplace. We make the investment in safety training and safety inspections. How can we motivate every person to be accountable for safety? This is the focus of the ongoing safety training program at the ALL Family of Companies.

ALL doesn't simply manage safety. We manage the safety mindset. Our motto could be "Don't leave home without it," and we enforce and expect it every day from our staff. That makes for a more efficient and profitable partnership with our customers.

A strong health, safety, and environmentally conscious culture provides the ALL Family of Companies with distinct advantages:

  • Primarily, we see our employees as our most valuable assets. It is our policy that every person is entitled to a safe and healthful place in which to work. The establishment and maintenance of a safe workplace is the shared responsibility of the employer and the employees at all levels of the company.
  • You can trust that you are receiving top-of-the-line, technically superior, and safe equipment.
  • Our ability to exceed these customer expectations is our standard.

When you hire an ALL company, our experienced sales staff, operators, drivers, and service technicians immediately integrate safety, health, and environmental awareness into the process. It begins when we drive out of our lot on the way to yours.

What does this mean for you? It means that safety awareness is so much a part of our culture that our employees can easily adapt to even the most rigorous standards of your job site, resulting in optimized project costs, innovative solutions, and right-the-first-time productivity.

The success of our company will depend not only on production and sales, but also how safely a job is performed. There is no job so important or any service or call so urgent that we cannot take time to work safely.

Questions about job site safety? Contact us.

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