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Aerial Lift Leasing and Financing

Financing or leasing a heavy piece of equipment is a much more sensible route if you want to get the equipment you need without spending a significant amount of the working capital of your business.

Credit Terms and Policies

If credit is extended, you agree to the following terms and conditions:

  • Invoices shall be paid net 30 days, if not, interest shall accrue at 1 1/2% per month on all unpaid balances
  • You authorize us to check trade references, bank references and credit reports as we deem necessary
  • Extension of credit is based upon timely payment of invoices, your financial stability and other factors important to us as the creditor. Accordingly, we reserve the right to revoke credit, require return of equipment and/or demand COD terms as required. Waiver of any term or condition shall not be demand a waiver to assert such terms in the future
  • You are responsible for payment of all rentals kept beyond anticipated rental term as well as damages caused to our equipment. In the event equipment is kept beyond rental term, payment is required as long as you use, possess, or control the equipment and/or directly or indirectly deprive us of possession of same
  • An unsigned rental agreement of one signed by an unauthorized representative shall not alleviate your responsibility to make payment
  • You will be responsible for all billed charges caused by your non-compliance with these terms

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